Twelve Things They Don’t Tell You About Iceland…

A great piece from our friend Miss Kitt.

Yankee Skeptic

Twelve Things They Don’t Tell You About Iceland

I recently returned from a week-long visit to Iceland, and while I did some online research and planned my trip, I discovered that some important information is missing from the tourist sites and online reviews. Let me preface my advice with the overall comment that Iceland is wonderful, as beautiful a piece of nature as can be found on this planet; that the people are nice and mostly speak at least some English; and that they drive on the right-hand side of the road which for an American is a big comfort. I am not suggesting that you not visit Iceland—to the contrary!  Please, do put it on your ‘bucket list’ and check it off sooner rather than later.  But there are few things you should know first:

Lighthouse on Snaefellsness Lighthouse on Snaefellsness

  1. You need a hat that ties down.  I had…

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