My New Band Name

So, we received a spammy comment on our blog earlier this week, which I quoted in part to my personal Facebook page:


This reply is to Goddess of Darkness (Geek Goddess). ha’ve read most of your posts and how negative you are. I can see my post is heading to be on a personal note to you. So just take it that I’m returning the favor. My husband works in the oil fields in Pecos and instead of seeing him 3 maybe 4 days a month we will be putting our house up for rent and living in Pecos so I can see him every night. I have never been to Pecos but I am looking forward to the move. I too have traveled, maybe not as much as you but I have traveled. Maybe you are more educated than me. Maybe I’m more of a people person than you. Who cares?

I apologized to my friends for being such an obvious douche, and then stated that “Goddess of Darkness” would be my stage name, should I ever need one. I should have predicted what would follow.


Jim: Can I be Lord of Darkness?


Beth: I want to be the Goddess of That Lightbulb That Flickers All the Time But Never Really Burns Out So Should I Change It or What?


Jaye: I want to be Bill Cosby!


Me: Jaye, Bill Cosby is not a god. Sorry.


Jaye: He is the High Priest of the Pudding Pop though. That’s got to count for something.


JA: Prince of Bacon!


Cyndi: Richard should be God of Keeping the Wife Happy and I’ll be the Goddess of What Have I Forgotten to Do Today


JA: Henchman for the Goddess of Darkness. Duke of Aimless Wanderings. (Clearly JA needs to pick something and settle down)


Mary-Alice: Is Executive Gopher lordy enough?!


Matt: I’ll settle for Knight of the Frequent Flier Miles.










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