Antrim Art Show

I had the great pleasure in participating in the Antrim local artists show this summer.  The Grange in Antrim hold this show each year to feature the artists living in town  I was allowed to participate since I live in Antrim during the summer months.

The Antrim Grange is lucky enough to still own the original grange building, most granges have lost their buildings over the years.  The Grange building in Antrim features a lovely hand painted curtain for their stage.  

Hand painted curtain

Hand painted curtain

As an artist, what I enjoyed about this show is that anyone that lived in Antrim could participate.  Since I have moved to New Hampshire I have not been impressed with how “exclusive” the local artists tend to be.  There are shows that require you to pay a large fee to belong to the art guild before you can show your work.  Also, anything out of the ordinary or “different” is seen as a threat to those local artists. It becomes monotonous to attend shows with the same darn artists year after year after year.  Up and coming artists, with creativity and a new point of view, need not apply.

Antrim simply required you reside in the town. The result was a show that was fresh, fun and truly representative of all the kinds of creativity artists find enjoyable.  It was more of a reflection of the town, than just a reflection of artists and their egos.  

A view of the Grange hall

A view of the Grange hall

Photographers, painters, crafters and anyone in town who created was on display.  I was honored my own work, some framed miniature quilts, were the first thing anyone entering would view.

My two small miniature quilts framed as you walk in.  If you frame a miniature it's a great way to display it.

My two small miniature quilts framed as you walk in. If you frame a miniature it’s a great way to display it.

I can’t wait for next year.  My daughter wants to enter some of her photography.  I already have some more miniatures to frame, and plan to bake cookies for the refreshments.  

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