Love Astronomy? Parties? Star Gazing? The Atlanta Star Party!

From Atlanta Start Party, 2012

Since 2009, a group of science-loving geeks based in Atlanta have sponsored a Star Party each year, to share conversation, cocktails, food, and science.

The Star Party is an annual charity cocktail party. The goal is to have a wonderful party, meet new people and learn about our universe. The party includes general mingling, food and drinks, followed by some time with more formal speakers with information, demonstrations and cool news from our astronomers.  

We then go up to the Observatory and check out the view from the telescope itself as well as to learn about what they do at the Emory Observatory. 

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the general idea. Ask around for others who have been there. What happens at the Star Party is… talked about all the time. 🙂

BadAstronomer Phil Plait speaks at a previous Star Party

The party is held the night before Dragon*Con each year, so if you are already in Atlanta, make time to go! This year, it’s on August 28.

The event is held in honor of Jeff Medkeff, an astronomer aka “Blue Collar Scientist” who  credited with the discovery of many asteroids, a contributor to Sky & Telescope, and a popularizer of science, with proceeds going to worthy charities. In 2014, the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and CosmoQuest. (I recommend you click that link and learn how people can help contribute to the science  without being a practicing scientist.  Got some students in your home?)

Astronomer and podcaster Pamela Gay, featured speaker

Interested in learning more? Learn about the great guest speakers  Pamela Gay (podcast Astronomy Cast; CosmoQuest),  Nicole Gugliucci (Dark Skies, Bright Kids; CosmoQuest;, and Derek Demeter (Seminole State College Planetarium, public speaker), or buy tickets at Atlantic Star Party, held at the Emory Math and Science Center.  Use the code ATLSKEP2014 to be $5 off your ticket price.

Can attend?  You can still be part of the fun, and contribute towards the charity, by visiting the online silent auction, where you can find star-related items, or even a weekend getaway in the northern Georgia mountains.


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