Vintage Shopping with the Husband

I asked my husband to drive me to the nearby vintage/antique shop.  I usually go to vintage/antique/junk shops by myself, but my semi-invalid status means I have to sometimes ask my husband to drive.  There is only one big problem with my husband driving me to a vintage shop.

My husband doesn’t believe in shopping, he believes in buying.  

We pull up to the beautiful old house that is North Branch Village Antiques, and my husband says “So what are we buying?”

I say to him “Well, I’m looking for things that will look good with my needle crafts, things that will show size and look good in photographs.  I also would like a blue green bottle to send to my friend that collects them.”

My husband says “You don’t know what we’re buying?”

Me “You just look around and see what they have.  I’ll know the right thing when I see it.”

Husband “But you’ve been here before, you should know what they have.  Really, what do  you want to buy?”

a bottle for a friend, and a box for me.

a bottle for a friend, and a box for me.

Thankfully I remembered the store has a room full of old tools and car parts.  While I parked my husband there I found the glass bottle I needed and a fun old cigar box for my photographs.  But another reason for me to stick to my doctors orders and work toward a full recovery.  I enjoy shopping, and then buying.

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3 replies

  1. Cigars that glow in the dark?

    • I did make the woman at the shop take it down from the top shelf! I’m going to research, maybe they were named when xrays first came out. If I find they were infused with radium, I’m going to put this box far away!

  2. I’m with Mark, Kitty. Unless it’s a gun store, of course!

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