The tide is IN, for summer


A large menu, I suggest the lobster roll special….$13.95 with onion rings

I really love the seasonal restaurants in New England that serve a good lobster roll.  It’s lobster, put on a New England style hot dog roll.  The less mayonnaise or anything else added, the better the lobster roll.  You basically want a well cooked lobster with some butter on a toasted hot dog roll.


playground for the children makes this a popular place for families. Plus bring your dog along.

The High Tide restaurant in Hillsborough, NH serves an excellent lobster roll, and their onion rings are excellent.


The names are as good as the ice cream.

Wednesday nights are especially nice as it is “Classic Car” night.  There is also local ice cream.  Throw in a playground, and also if you eat outside your dog is welcome.


Vintage vehicles stop here often, not just on the Wednesday nights.

I’ve made the first of what will be many visits to the High Tide, it’s especially nice for guests that have never had a lobster roll.  Lobster is of course wonderful, but also can be very messy to eat.  That’s why you get a bib when you order one.  Lobster rolls come with onion rings, no bib needed!


It’s outdoor or sort of indoor dining. You get your choice of two big screened in areas.

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  1. Oh man, those are my favorite kind of places! The fanciest restaurant in our Chicago neighborhood (the one with the Michelin star) serves authentic Maine lobster rolls. But they couldn’t find the rolls locally, so they had them flown in. (now they’ve convinced a local bakery to make rolls just for them.).

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