Friday Fun Flick, Easter Edition

Yankee Skeptic

My daughter, while an adult, still wants an Easter Basket.  This year I had to find the chocolate cross and to my surprise, chocolate Jesus Fish.  I can’t decide if it’s horribly wrong to eat these as it is very insulting to Christians, like munching on a cross and going “yum yum” is going to bring down a lightening bolt, or if somehow Christian fundies are OK with this.  Either way, I’m not sure other religions are going to be featured by Hershey’s anytime soon.  If you aren’t allowed to show a depiction of Mohammed, I can’t imagine how long Hershey PA will be standing if Hershey’s comes out with a Mohammed chocolate bar for Eid.

Anyway, Wal Mart (where else?) had these for $2 each.

Image ORBS! and some other supernatural lights…Bern Bunny is impressed, but still not eating these chocolates.

Also it should be noted whenever I try…

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  1. A Jesus fish? The very concept is bizarre.

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