Save our pages, origami page minder

While I love my Kindle I still read a lot of paper books.  I have some really wonderful book markers to help me save my place. My favorites have been gifts from fellow book lovers. Nothing upsets me more than lending out a book and finding corners have been turned down to hold a place. As bad as that is, finding a library book with turned down corners is even worse.  Library books need a long shelf life, and folding down corners does not extend their life.

Turning down a page corner damages the book. When I am hunting through my favorite used book stores I often find books with missing corners. A folded corner today can mean a missing corner tomorrow.


Old books with fragile pages need bookmarks, not folded edges

I have to admit to using bits of paper and whatever is at hand for a book mark when I’m travelling. I don’t like to take my nice book markers out of my house for fear of losing them. However, a friend taught me a fun and easy origami pattern that makes up in seconds. It works very well for marking a place in a book.  I always have a few made up just for books that leave the house.

Here are the directions.

Start with a square of paper, anything lightweight.  Even wrapping paper works well when cut to a square.  Any size works.


start with a square of light weight paper


fold in half


fold one point down to the middle


fold ends to center and crease


fold corners up to top point, and then tuck into the pocket


place on page when you are done reading!

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  1. These would make a great, low-cost gift for someone to make for an avid reader. You could make them out of all kinds of interesting papers… old tax bills, damaged books, pornography.. the potential is unlimited!

  2. yes perfect for grandparents….aunts, any avid reader. I like these as they don’t stick up, and sometimes you can write notes on the page minder….and use another one for a page holder. We don’t always have stick em note pads nearby! I like the plan of using different papers. cutting up maps would be good for father’s day. Also, SUPER EASY….so perfect for children to learn to make. Fits in a card for mailing. A regular book mark is fine, but these are very discreet and the book will fit back on the shelf without a book mark sticking up.

  3. I just cut the corners of envelopes, and use them.


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