Private Paris, Hospital Chapel

When you visit Paris, I hope you will not have to visit the hospital.  However, I hope you will want to visit the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital chapel.  The hospital is known for being one of the most state of the art in Europe, and has a long and rich history.  It is perhaps best known for being the hospital where Princess Diana died.


Complaints about how crowded Paris can be abound, but after you visit the “must see” Eiffel Tower, Louver and Notre Dame, there is no reason you can not enjoy some of the quiet spots of Paris.


One of my favorites is the Hospital Chapel located on the grounds of the hospital.  In fact, when I first visited I was could not figure out just where the chapel was.  It  wasn’t until I went onto the grounds of the hospital, walking by doctors in white coats and visitors to sick relatives, that I found this oasis of calm reflection.


The chapel dates from 1675.  The simplicity reminds me of the diana fourCongregationalist Churches of New England.  While there are stained glass windows, the over all concept is one of simplicity.  The lack of crowds adds to the calm.  It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a masterpiece of design and perhaps if you are lucky catch an organ concert.  I’m never sure if the organist is simply practicing whenever I am there, or if I just luck out and visit during a concert attended by perhaps 4 or 5 people.

It’s Paris, but one almost always devoid of tourists.


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