Canadian Spider Research, eh?

We (meaning my day job, when I’m not blogging about travel to crappy towns so you don’t have to, you’re welcome) frequently go to Canada and work with some of the coolest people I’ve ever been around. Kind, smart, funny, and without the trash-can heads, regardless of what you’ve seen on South Park.

So when my co-worker found this video on (ahem) scientific studies on spiders, done by Canadian researchers, we solicited feedback from our compatriots across the imaginary line up north.  (Note:  This is an actual conversation, via email, today. I just copied it out of the emails.)

Co-worker (who found the video) You Canadians do the damnedest research! (More after the video)

M. Savoie (Canadian extraordinaire):  What they didn’t say was that the marijuana spider is from British Columbia (also know as BC and Buy Cannabis), the caffeine spider is from Toronto and the crack spider from the Remand Center in Calgary (local jail).  It was quite a feat to get all the spiders together to do this video, especially getting the crack spider out of jail for the filming. Of course after he/she popped a cap in the caffeine spider’s ass, he/she was hunted down and put back in jail, with the crack spider as his/her bitch.

You notice I left out the alcoholic spider.  A bit too close to home.  It’s all the people in Calgary during Stampede week.  The restraining order usually comes after Stampede (drunken debauchery and all...)

Me:  Can I quote you?  Would you prefer to be anonymous, or you want your name associated with this gem, to be quoted by future scholars on the habits of crack-smoking spider hoes? Sorry, that’s CANADIAN crack-smoking spider hoes.

M. Savoie: You can quote me.  It’s my only chance at infamy.
Of course, it’s understood.  The US doesn’t have any of those issues.  Kind of like mad cow.

Canadians rock!

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  1. Catching up with Two Different Girls. This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

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