Saturdays in Central Park

Central Park.

Central Park over the rocks

Central Park over the rocks

People all over the world know the name. Tourists stop there each year to see Strawberry Fields, the Wollman Rink, the Great Lawn, the Carousel, the Zoo, and many other things, but Central Park is much more than a tourist stop, it is where New Yorkers, especially those who live and work in Manhattan, go to play. People use the park year round but it just seems to come to life in the spring.

CP burst of color

CP in bloom

CP out for a walk

I love Central Park. I use to work in Manhattan and my office was across the street. I loved taking my lunch and my book into the park when the weather was nice. I would find a bench or, better yet, one of the awesome rocks in the park and sit and have lunch.

CP looking south

So on a lovely spring Saturday in New York, I decided to take a stroll through the park. New Yorkers were out in force, cycling, running, strolling, walking dogs, pushing strollers sometimes with dogs on leashes along for the fun. The ball fields were full and everyone was climbing the rocks. Even a painter was out taking advantage of the sun.

painter in the park

Spring foliage was starting to pop and the flowering trees and shrubs were starting to show, the ducks were in the pond and even a turtle was sunning himself on the rocks. I met a park squirrel that happily posed for me. I did not feel too bad that I had no nuts to share, as he looked fat and healthy. I am sure that posing keeps him well fed.

CP squirrel posing

CP looking south toward plaza hotel

CP walk under arch

CP by wollman rink looking southI could see the skyline around the park, but it was not really interesting me. I was fully enjoying a stroll through Central Park and the fine spring weather. A lovely way to spend the day.

central park by cpw

CP looking north

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  1. What a lovely day to be in the park…thanks for letting me stroll along.

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