While Naomi’s away….

Naomi is going to give up exciting Galapagos/Amazon travel updates whenever she has the wifi opportunity!  Meanwhile to fill in the gaps, I’m going to share some more fun “Travelling with Naomi” photographs and stories.

Here are some photographs from a wonderful cruise that we took together that was organized by Jeff Wagg, who just happens to be in charge of the Galapagos trip Naomi is currently on.  The Wagg family are probably the most knowledgeable cruise experts on the planet (no exaggeration, they  not only love to cruise, they expertly share that love with others). Jeff can be reached via his “College of Curiosity” site.


Pre cruise Jeff making interesting breakfast choices.

Naomi will be with some past cruise friends on her trip, including the men in this photograph from our trip to Mexico.  It was heavenly to sit in this “adult only” section of the boat and just look out at the scenery!


So bon voyage Naomi, please keep us as updated as possible!  I want blue footed boobie photographs!


Everyone loves Naomi’s travel hat.

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  1. Hee, hee…..you are being naughty! Well done!

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