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  1. I love those things., and oddly I just ordered a box of candy from them called “Long Boys.” They’re like coconut caramel taffy and they’re very addictive.

  2. Hey, we can go up there if you are ever in the area. It’s only 3-4 hour drive from the house

  3. oh, I saw a special on Food TV years ago, The outside coating of these are make from the crushed inside.

  4. Wow, I probably kept these people in business in the 1970’s! Haven’t thought of them in a long time, IIRC they had peanuts as a prominent ingredient and I’m not a big peanut fan — guess this is the exception that proves the rule!

  5. We shared this on our Facebook, thanks for the promo and it’s good to hear about Chick-O-Fans!

  6. Hey, It’s good to see Chick-O-Fans! Thanks for the promo, we shared your link on our official Chick-O-Stick facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chick-O-Stick/348498542245


    Nick Reynolds

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