Thought I would share the interesting weekend I had at the local ER! Resting at home and should soon feel much better!

Yankee Skeptic

I spent a lovely Saturday night not at my house, but at a local spot in Keene  New Hampshire, where I waited upon by a wonderful staff.  My every need was taken care of, and the staff was so concerned with my well being they even came in at 1am to check on me.  In fact, all night my well being was monitored.

By “monitored” I mean I was hooked up to a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff, and had a shunt for an IV in my arm at the ready.

Saturday morning my husband and I were watching our favorite astronomer, Phil Plaitt, on Discovery.  He was talking about asteroids, and various ways things from the sky can kill us, when I began to get a tight feeling in my chest.   I’m sure many people watching Phil talk about asteroids felt a little nervous, but I had…

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  1. I wondered why I didn’t hear from you for a couple days. Tell ol’ Pool Boy I expect at least a text!

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