Christmas in Brussels, Part One

Our family had to live in Europe for 2 Christmas seasons.  The “had” part is that my husband’s work required him to be there for Y2K, and for the Euro conversion (way more difficult than Y2K!)  The girls loved it.  City living agreed with us all, especially walking around and seeing all the decorations. However, there was one holiday decoration that confused us, everywhere, there were multiple Santa’s climbing up ropes and ladders on the sides of buildings.

These became known to us as “Burglar Santa”.  We plotted that we would all dress up like Santa and take ladders and ropes and steal from all the museums,  home,restaurants and banks as simply every building seemed to have Burglar Santa.  Or multiple Burglar Santa.

The video has more Pere Noel than Santa, but you can also buy an American style Santa.  Is this for people that don’t have chimneys?


I’m also including the Steampunk merry go round.  This was also a holiday tradition, it would appear in a spot near the beautiful town square, and my younger daughter would also get a ride.  The eerie music and the crazy characters made this as much of a joy to watch as to ride.  This was before the big Steampunk rage, or perhaps just the start of it.  I always wondered if the artist that created this was some mad scientist that made this as a break from World Domination plans.

Our now adult daughters so enjoyed spending the holidays in Brussels, we are all saving so that we can (fingers crossed) meet in Brussels next holiday to again see the Burglar Santas and find the crazy merry go round.  To say nothing of peeing Santa and hot escargot soup.  Stay tuned for part deux.

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  1. it should be noted I highly recommend “The Rugbyman” restaurant.


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