Steampunk Merry Go Round

I lived in Brussels for several years with my then much younger family. We really enjoyed city living, and there is nothing as magical as Christmas in Brussels. The entire town decorates, and the famous town square is especially festive. They have real reindeer, giant holiday trees, and a huge nativity scene. One year they had a huge ice skating rink, which was sponsored by Mr.Clean, and at intervals a woman with a mop and bucket would ice skate with a bald headed dude in a t-shirt.

Our favorite holiday tradition was the Steampunk merry go round. Now back in the year 2000, I’m not sure steampunk was officially around. The creators of this magnificent merry go round (or carousel) were probably just “wouldn’t it be cool to have a carousel that looks like…”. The music is perfect also. My younger daughter Aynsley got to ride it many times. Her not so young sister had to just watch. I hope this carousel is still around someplace. Early steampunk or just someone with a creative vision (or too many tequilas), this carousel has happy memories for all of us. (Please note the big smile on my daughters face as she flies by on the swan, now she does special effects for movies and photography. I think this influenced her!)

Also enjoy the burglar Santas that decorate much of Brussels.  The joke in the family is that we would all dress up like Santa and break into places.

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  1. Here’s a much version: According to the blurb, the dancers were from Studio 100, the Belgian version of Disney and home of K3, whose musical Alice in Wonderland was running at the time.

  2. I love the beautiful carousels that you see in Europe.

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