That place in the Marais District with the roses….

There are many things I like about Paris.  I always enjoy the stores with a very limited, and specific,  stock for sale.  Cheese store.  Goat cheese only store.  Swiss goat cheese only store.  Paris has stores that specific.

My favorite store is “That place in the Marais District that sells only roses.”  Anyone that has passed it knows what you mean when you say that.  I never have a need to buy roses, though they do sell rose perfume, when I am traveling in Paris.  The creativity of the florist, especially the simplicity of some of the designs, I always find a visual and olfactory delight.  The owners never mind if you stop and take a whiff or a few photographs.

flaneur stopping sidewalk display

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That’s one of my favorite things about Paris too.

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