The Colors of Istanbul

In my (probably) final post about Istanbul, I thought I would share some pictures that give you a sense of the color. Mind you, since my trip was very short, I spent most of my time in the ‘touristy’ area of Sultanahmet, near the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and the markets, which abound with beautiful sites but also with rug merchants trying to talk you into a bargain.

Irena and I after a hard day of haggling. Actually, she told me next time I have to wait outside.

For a culture worried about women’s sexuality, they are obsessed with sex. Aphrodisiacs were for sale everywhere

Leeches for sale: Good for what ails you?

Who is watching who? Felt balls in the market

Fishing off the bridge over the Golden Horn. On the lower level with small cafes where you could sit above the water.

We have tea and baklava on the sidewalk here, but didn’t discover this lovely patio at the back until later

In the spice market. I was given a small amount to taste, and when I looked around for a bin to toss the rest, the clerk took it from me and tossed it BACK INTO THE DISPLAY. Cook your food.

On the upper level on the Hagia Sophia. Note the partially restored mosaic in the back, while the rest of the walls remained covered with plaster, put there by Muslims. Imagine how 7th century peasants viewed this huge palace.

Roof in a side room of the Hagia Sophia. This part was closed off for restoration work

A pistachio lover’s paradise

As far as I could tell, thread is the only thing for sale here. Tape, anyone?

Is it just me, or is this very creepy?

Music shop in the market area

The only flamboyant clothes I saw were the ubiquitous head scarves.

Mosques  tucked into every corner. Most of them had no activity.

I think this qualified as a ‘small business’. The man on the left put his hand over his face just as I raised my camera.

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5 replies

  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting

  2. Beautiful photos. The label on the jar is very “interesting” .. pictures are definitely worth a thousand words. And the food sanitation .. yeeks! Yes, those mannequins are kind of creepy. and interesting, that the only flamboyent clothing available are the head scarves.
    Thanks for sharing these pics!

  3. The mandolins made me salivate!!! I want!!! (I could see me packing that for home). Also I have to tell you that the pistachios Naomi brought home for me were THE BEST EVER. If you have never had a TURKISH pistachio, you have not had a pistachio. The California ones have been modified to LOOK good. A Turkish pistachio is not pretty, but it is SO good. You can never eat a California one again without feeling let down.

  4. Your photos are terrific. If you ever tire of your present job consider becoming a professional photographer. You have an excellent eye.


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