The Lamp of Life: Darwin as Art

Push a button and the object lights up! It’s very beautiful and different colors light different parts.

Hidden away on a side staircase very few people use is a beautiful lamp that shows the diversity of life.

I have visited the Natural History Museum whenever I am in Paris, but I had never gone down this staircase before. I was stunned at this fabulous chandelier that lights up when a button is pushed on the board in front of it. I like to think of it as the “Tree of Life“. It is a work of art, that shows how diverse and beautiful life is. I plan to never miss seeing it again.

The lamp/chandelier in the side stairwell.

That female figure went into space. (well the shape)

There is a real spider web here on the lamp.
I would not want to be the person that has to clean it.
Somehow I don’t think it’s easy to buy replacement bulbs for this work of both science and art.

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