…why you should always read those wee cards at museums

Always read the descriptions...

honesty above all else! Maybe a girl, or maybe a penis just fell off

I have been known to open and close a museum, meaning I show up waiting to be let in and they have to kick me out.  I’ve worked in a museum environment and I know that it takes more than just looking at an exhibit to truly enjoy it.  You need to read those wee cards.

Someone worked very hard to put together a bit of information that will tell you more about what you are seeing.  I was lucky enough to grow up enjoying all the Smithsonian museums.  I was shocked when I traveled to New York City and I was charged money to get into a museum.  All my life I had assumed every museum was free.

Thankfully the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum in London are still free.  I always make a nice donation. I remember when I was a young student and the free museums of the Smithsonian were a welcome escape from the horror that is being 13 years old.  I hope my donation when I visit will always keep those museums free for those who can not pay.

Meanwhile, take a moment to read those cards!  Any guess about which museum this exhibit is from?

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5 replies

  1. It’s not the Museum of Sex. They’re more exact.

  2. I don’t know which musuem it is from, but it certainly made me laugh!

  3. I’m guessing The British Museum?

    Loved this post.

  4. … And forgot to say, I reckon that little figurine is shouting ‘That was a big piece of clay!’

    • YES! British Museum and now you have me wanting to break in and put in a little talking balloon over the figure saying “That was a big piece of clay that fell off!”

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