She’s so picky she’s probably waiting for a man with a “Warp Drive” zipper…

....and women complain there aren't enough "quality" men out there!

(Note:  I had nothing to do with this blog post.  -GG)

The incredibly lovely and intelligent woman I share this blog with, Geek Goddess, is single.  She doesn’t mind, she has a very busy and successful career.  She goes on exciting trips, and is always welcoming to her many friends.  A visit to her home means many things, but one of the best things is her cooking.  She has this smoker called the “Big Green Egg“.  She fires it up, and the eating is good.  I often tell my husband what he is missing out by not being married to such a good cook.

So why is a woman so pretty, successful, talented in the art of cooking, and a great conversationalist single? Sadly, I have thought it is the lack of good quality men that are appreciative of a woman that can take care of herself, yet if she chooses can take such good care of a man.

Geek Goddess just keeps being successful and flying, reading, traveling and keeping tabs on her two incredibly wonderful sons.  (I adore them, and they are all grown up!)  However, as her friend I have tried my best to help her out.  Even though she says she doesn’t need help.  My husband wonders why I have so many single men of a certain age as friends on Facebook.  I point out that I go out of my way to friend single men I think might be a good date for Geek. I sort of check them out on Facebook “so is you really are a nuclear engineer, why are you driving a used K-car?”  This process has not worked out too well.  Good matches have been found for her, but in places like Sweden, Australia and Outer Mongolia. Geek is a Texas girl.

Recently I was  in the drive through at Wendy’s and noticed this perfect match for her in the truck ahead. This guy likes hunting, Geek likes hunting!  (She has a stuffed pig of some sort in her office.)  This guy is open to new ideas, such as the human woman/buck hybrid hypothesis. “Zipper Speed,” I hear, is going to be a new sport in the next Olympics!  Sadly, the truck drove off before I had to chance to write down her cell number and pass it on.

I won’t be discouraged, and will just keep looking despite her pathetic attempts to convince me to “PLEASE STOP NOW.”

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  1. I don’t really like to hunt. It was peer pressure. I was the only person at the field location that didn’t have something dead in his office.

  2. I fear for the human race, I really do… I’ve seen trucks like that… here… on the Earth.

    There’s more than one of “them” out there!

    Best Regards, thanks for the laugh! JBS


  1. FACEBOOK Friends Getting Picky About What We Share | Planet Information ET WORK Magazine & Metaphysical Science – Peer-Review Journal

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