Flying High

No, not flying while stoned. I made a day trip to the lovely Rock Springs, Wyoming airport (RKS) today, to inspect a job site nearby. We lovingly refer to this location as ‘Rock Ridge‘ (“Somebody’s gotta go back and get… Read More ›

Scenes Around Seagraves

Seagraves is a tiny town stuck in the middle of a bit of Texas that’s either referred to as “West Texas” or “The Panhandle” depending on your perspective. It’s definitely part of the large cotton producing region that makes up the… Read More ›

Our Semi-Annual TSA Rant

(Note:  the author is a Canadian living in PNG and Chile, and travels the world for business and pleasure.) Trigger warning – The rant contains commentary about the events of 9/11 that some may consider contrarian. So – I travel… Read More ›