Ode to Life from a Coffee Cup

The good life is the middle way Between ambition and compassion Between action and reflection Between company and solitude Between hedonism and abstinence Between passion and judgment Between the cup of coffee and the glass of wine. –Jay McInerney, printed… Read More ›

Doing Instanbul

Last  year I took a Skeptours cruise with two dozen friends, around the Mediterranean. Our embarkation was from Istanbul. Istanbul has been on my bucket list for decades, and was a place that I never thought I would get to… Read More ›

Eating Bait

I like to call myself an adventurous eater, right up until I turn on an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s travel show “Bizarre Foods” and watch him scarf down sheep earlobes, or chunks of raw camel that’s been sitting unrefrigerated in… Read More ›