How to Mortify Your Dog

Around here, we are big fans of the site Dogshaming. If you are one of the six people on the Internet who doesn’t know about Dog Shaming, it’s a place where owners submit photos of their pets who are being shamed about their misdeeds: chewing up a favorite item, bursting through the screen door, or snacking from the cat’s litter box. You know, these dogs brought it all on themselves.

But what if the owner is the cause of the shame? Where can we mock people who dress their toy dogs up in Barbie clothing? Where is the justice? WHAT ABOUT THE PUPPIES?

One of my dogs, Ripley*, is a mixed breed with a quarter poodle, so she has curly continuously-growing hair that requires periodic grooming and clipping. She’s been going to the grooming salon at my local PetSmart for five years, where they all know and love her. Last week, I saw this poster on the wall.


Really? In what world is someone going to spend money to put a temporary chalk design on their dog? And WHY? the dog doesn’t know, and if it did, it would be ashamed. (You know how some dogs act embarrassed and hide after a hair cut or bath? This, X 2.)

One of my friends informed me this is against the law in Florida, unless it is for show dogs. I’m not sure that makes it better. I think this is awful! And if you are one of the people who encourage this, and who pay to have a chalk daisy painted on your dog’s rump, well then, shame on you!

*Named after Ellen Ripley, from the Alien movies, named eighth greatest movie hero of all times. Sadly, it did not inspire my dog to live up to her namesake. She’s a total wuss.

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  1. If she’s too wussy for you you can send her here.

  2. This is kind of ridiculous, IMHO. Dogs don’t have the capability to be “mortified”. If your dog is acting funny after a groom there are deeper issues happening and usually caused by the owner’s reaction. My dogs get groomed regularly and are nothing but enthused about the whole process.

    “And if you are one of the people who encourage this, and who pay to have a chalk daisy painted on your dog’s rump, well then, shame on you!”

    Yep, as a groomer if the owner would like it I encourage it. I must be terrible.

  3. Have to agree with Geek Goddess. Why would anyone want to their beloved pet look like anything other than what he/she is? To me this isn’t cute and is humiliating for the pet. Instead donate the money to a shelter or animal rescue.
    I am a strong advocate against animal abuse and favor strongly rescue adoption.

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