A Librarian at Retirement Remembers Her Mentor

A wonderful post from Library Lady, well worth sharing here also.

Yankee Skeptic

I want to thank my good friend Ellie, who is retiring this month, for this terrific post on her mentor. The Enoch Pratt Free Library has to be one of the most beautiful in the United States, but this is a story about the beauty found within people.  Rosalia Shriver was a woman that handled her lack of typical physical beauty with grace and intelligence.  Ellie shares her memories of a woman that I am sure influenced many lives, and that is truly beautiful.  Check out another wonderful post by Ellie other posts here.  Also more on the Enoch Pratt Free Library here.

Image Truly a beautiful building, filled with books and book lovers.

Right before I started the Masters in Library Science program at the University of Maryland, in the summer of 1976, my parents and I were in downtown Baltimore and decided to stop in the Enoch…

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