Visiting the local junk/vintage shop

We have our own rural version of “Oddities” here in New Hampshire.

While I don’t buy a lot, I did this visit purchase a nice sturdy end table that also has a small bookcase built in, I wish I had money to purchase some of the more interesting and curious items sold at the local shop.

Let’s start off with the Nazi highlights.  I was busy looking at a vintage fire extinguisher when my daughter Aynsley said “Well, here is a Hitler skunk.”  Who wouldn’t want a Hitler skunk (though I think he looks more like Mel Brooks).  At $95, I could only afford a photograph.


Still, the Nazi themed jug is NOT a WWII item.  It is instead a 1920’s era US made bit of pottery.  Swastika’s were a common decorative item, and really only fell out of favor with the US and UK when the Nazi party adopted it for their own.  This jug seems happily covered in what was then a symbol for “good luck”


I’m not sure how this item ended up in New Hampshire.  The poor pelt is rather moth eaten and the nose is in real need of repair.  I sent a photograph of this to my friend Jeff Wagg, and had him try to guess just what it was.  It is, a kangaroo.  A male kangaroo since there doesn’t appear to be a pocket.


This leg lamp is HUGE.  It’s also even tackier than the one in “A Christmas Story”.  This I am more than glad to skip on.  I would take a Hitler skunk any day over the lamp.


What’s a vintage shop without nightmarish dolls?  These I not only have no wish to purchase but can only hope I will not have nightmares after having seen them.


scary doll

My daughter Aynsley always loves the taxidermy areas.  She uses antlers and such in her artwork.

that one deer is a wee bit spooky

that one deer is a wee bit spooky

...and Pops crying towel.  Tempting to put aside for Father's Day.

…and Pops crying towel. Tempting to put aside for Father’s Day.

It’s always an adventure to visit first the local vintage/junk shop.  If you pay cash, there is always a discount.  Credit card is full price.  It’s not the “Oddities” show of TV, but the prices are lower and it’s two huge rooms of wonder.  How did a kangaroo pelt end up in NH?  What is wrong with that poor deer? Should I really spend $95 on a Hitler skunk?

As I wrote, in the end I bought for $29 a beautiful sturdy end table with room for books, Hitler skunk will have to wait for when I win the lottery.

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6 replies

  1. The place really is full of oddities isn’t it. I agree the red deer looks a bit spooky. What a shame you didn’t do a picture of the little table you bought that sounds really interesting Kitty. I confess I love antiques and furniture specially. I thought the swastika jug was nice too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • I’ll post a photograph of the end table! I love antiques and vintage furniture… my daughter loves to go shopping with me. She has her apartment done in beautiful REAL wood, not particle board, as she learned an inexpensive used end table holds up much longer than IKEA.

  2. I saw that thing in the files when you were working on this post, Kitty, and immediately thought “oh, Hitler!” as well. Except for the swastika, I’d like that jug. I’ve been looking for a salt-glazed salt cellar for years – that had an intact lid and wasn’t a week’s pay.

  3. Is de benen lamp te koop?

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