Historic Chicago, still there if you look for it!

Fellow blogger Jeff Wagg lives in the great city of Chicago.  He is the brains behind the “College of Curiosity”.  Curious is the best word to describe Jeff, if it’s new, old, different or in any way interesting, Jeff want to know about it.  Not only does he want to know about it, he wants to share that knowledge with others.

I recently found a tourist style book of photographs of Chicago.  I scanned some of he photographs and as a challenge to Jeff asked him how many of the places listed as “must see” were still around.  Much to the delight of both of us, these places still exist in some form, except one!  Now I look forward to visiting and seeing some of these places for myself.


I wasn’t sure why this was a “must see”.  The building is still there today, but serves a new purpose!


I found out what I thought was a water tower on top of the building, actually lights up!


I want to go see the boats!


Still there, and I love to visit “Chinatown” no matter what the city.


I think the airport has grown somewhat since the photograph was taken.  I have however flown in a biplane and it was wonderful.


One place we can no longer visit.   However, I have read about the smell that visitors to the site complained about.  So if one of the places has to be gone, this is the one I am fine missing.

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  1. There could be a book written about every block.

  2. There used to be a big lake with boats in Humboldt Park, a splendid old 19th century park in the middle of the city. We used to go there when I was a kid. There was a huge boat house, with at least a few boats still there. Also some amazing large sculptures and gardens.

    Of course, every kid’s favorite place was the Riverview amusement park!

  3. Great pictures to share. Happy New Year Kitty.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Thanks for the memories. I’m a native Chicagoan, left for the suburbs in 1979. Yes — you could smell the stockyards miles away. I miss Chicago. On Roosevelt Road, just before reaching downtown was the Lighthouse for the Blind. I wonder if it’s still there.

    • it appears to still be an organization in Chicago….but can’t find an image of building. There seems to be a lighthouse.. I’ll need to ask Jeff, he knows Chicago.

  5. Thanks for the link to our Christmas blog. Chicago is a fantatic city, albeit a bit blustery today!

  6. I was rather hoping to see something of Camp Douglas. I have a cousin there and she has enjoyed the city for many year. Beautiful pictures!


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