My Semi-Annual TSA Rant

20131022-142931.jpg  Maybe it’s because I just watched the award-winning 2010 documentary Please Remove Your Shoes about the TSA. Or maybe it’s because I am qualified to use the TSA Precheck speedy line ( leave on your shoes and jacket, your computer and liquids can stay in your bags) but the airport only opens that lane when they are busy and I didn’t have my stuff stored IN A WAY to be easily removed.

It could be because there were two open security lanes, about a dozen agents visible, several of whom were chatting about their families, laughing and hugging each other, and talking to the guys manning the luggage scanner. This, while both lanes were out of the tubs for your crap and the little bowls for your little crap, and GEEZ LADY HAVE YOU NEVER FLOWN BEFORE NO GIANT BOTTLES OF SHAMPOO! It could be worse, though. It could be Amateur Week ( Thanksgiving. Christmas. Any major school holiday. Lines of vacation travelers, frequently with strings of toddlers and strollers the size of Volkswagen Beetles.)

Yes, so I’m a bit testy. Flustered. Angry and, as I am at nearly every trip, pissed off by the time I get to my gate. However, I found a new book, so that’s cheered me up a bit.


Seriously. The documentary is on Netflix right now, so look it up and watch it. I suggest having an adult beverage close at hand. And don’t watch it the day before you travel…

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