The Kitchen Bistro: Fine Dining in the Oil Field

I’ve written several times about the little places I eat at while traveling on business or vacation, especially those hole-in-the-wall joints found in tiny rural towns where some of our business operations are located (like here and here).

Recently I tried a place located only a few blocks from my home. I’ve driven by several times, and assumed it was related to another restaurant owned by the same group: very pricey and not very good.

I peeked in the door. Huddell & Hudson Kitchen wasn’t really a restaurant. Instead, it was a deli/grocery combination that was a feast for the eyes.

The little market had a full deli, a gorgeous salad bar, a soup counter, a gelato center. Prepared foods as well as fresh cuts of meats and chicken were displayed behind the but her counter. You could get selections to go, or have them cooked fresh to eat on site. I chose a “cowboy burger” that was fresh ground beef (you could also choose bison or salmon burgers), which was mixed with jalapeños, cheddar, bits of bacon, and seasonings. I eat my burgers by less, with knife and fork. The fixin’s for my sandwich were a lovely mixed green lettuce, pickles, red onions,


Beautiful veggies and cheeses greet you


My ‘cowboy burger’ without a bun, and grilled asparagus instead of fries or chips. Yum.

They had a few selections of wine by the glass, none of which interested me, and several beers on tap.


A beverage counter – beer, wine, coffees, teas.

But, if you didn’t like those choices, you could go to the wine section of the store and pick out a bottle, which they would uncork. Having a bottle of nice wine at retail rather than restaurant mark-up (two to three times retail) is a nice option, especially since I took most of the bottle home for later consumption.


The wines are about 10% more than liquor or grocery store prices, but on Wednesday, you get 10% off.


Cold beers by the package or bottle.


One of my favorite white wines – buttery. I had a glass with my meal and took the rest home to enjoy later.


Pleasant bistro atmosphere. The covered patio was full!

A nice atmosphere, good food, free wifi (so I could write this while enjoying my gelato!), and a patio for nice weather. I think I found a new local favorite!  What kind of local place do you have?

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