New Hampshire Skepticamp! (Be there!)

Skepticamp is a fun informal chance for the “average” skeptic to give a short talk in a comfortable “give and take” atmosphere.

Reed Esau came up with a wonderful idea, which has grown because it’s just so good! Last year, Granite State Skeptics held their first Skepticamp. Dale Roy organized and ran it, despite a busy personal schedule of attending graduate school and working. It was a big success, at least from the stand point of those that attended. The success of Skepticamp in my opinion is that anyone can speak about something they find interesting for a short amount of time!

Comfy seating, good food, good talks!

Dale found a fantastic venue for Skepticamp. The basement room of the restaurant The Barley House in Concord, New Hampshire is comfortable. Padded chairs and sofas make sitting and listening for hours very nice. We’ve all sat on metal folding chairs. The informality of Skepticamp lends itself to relaxing in real furniture. There is also a bar in a small alcove room where one can quietly purchase a drink without bothering speakers. Lunch is excellent, and without much fuss, so the audience enjoyed eating and listening without a break.

The first GSS Skepticamp was covered by our local public radio station.

(you can even hear my voice for a moment!)

This year Dale has us booked back into the Barley House. I spoke last year, so this year I’ll probably be just an audience member. Ethan Brown is speaking and inspiring awe again this year. His talk/performance alone is reason enough for anyone to attend this event.  Skepticamp is open to anyone!

Ethan, he’s good. He’s really good!

After Skepticamp was over, people weren’t “done” and many of us went out for dinner to continue talking and sharing. Travis Roy, president of Granite State Skeptics was fooled by a brain teaser and we all discovered a new beer. I think the search for a new beer “hey have you tried this? It’s good!” is going to be a part of all GSS Skepticamps.

The Barley House
Concord NH
11:30 – 4:30

We’re a friendly group!

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  1. I plan on giving a talk this year. 🙂 I am looking forward to skepticamp and the beers!


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