A Mother’s Love, Octopus Piñata Style!

My friend Noel proves that a mother’s love doesn’t stop when your child is an adult.


You can’t buy this in any store!  How to make an octopus piñata follows….


Her daughter called and was “Mom I need an octopus piñata for my birthday party.”



start with a BIG BALLOON

Noel notes that this octopus piñata is worth about $500, or at least that is what she would charge if she had to make another one.


cover in newspaper and let dry…

Also, suspicions are that this octopus will not be destroyed but instead by enjoyed, but her daughter in her home.  It’s just too cute to hit!

Balloons are important get the right number… they need newspaper also!

It is BIG, but paint paint paint, and then FUZZY STUFF!


Make sure you have a truck big enough to hold your octopus.  Also a fuzzy octopus might shed… a lot.

The result is of corse a very happy daughter!

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