Bath Bomb Toilet Bowl Cleaner!

I was given a Lush bath bomb, which was wonderful… until I went to get out of the bath and saw I was covered in glitter.  My tub was also covered in glitter.  Glitter was invented by the Devil (it’s in the Bible, just look hard it’s got to be in there).

While enjoying the bath bomb, I decided “This is nice but how hard can it be to make my own?”  I adapted that to “This is nice but how hard can it be to make my own without glitter?”


Bern Bunny, who does crafting with me here on the blog, is a bit concerned about these odd looking bath BOMBS

The answer is not as easy as I thought at first.  That’s because one of the main ingredients of any bath bomb recipe is citric acid.  I looked at the grocery store, and was told it’s sometimes in the canning section.  Sadly no luck.  Online suggested I try a brewing store, one that sells what’s needed for the average home brewer.  Sure enough our local store had just two small jars of this precious ingredient.  I stopped by Wal Mart to get epson salts and found…. a whole lot of citric acid in the canning section.  So my first suggestion, try Wal Mart for the citric acid, except the one in Keene New Hampshire where I bought all 6 of the jars.


these ones also look funny, kind of like boobs?  Or very odd candy.

Next up, it truly is easy to make a bath bomb.  The recipes online are all pretty good (except those ones with glitter).  My short cut is that I used epson salts that already had lavender and essential oils in the mix.  So, if you spend just $1 more, you can get epson salts that let you skip the essential oil step if you like.   Also, I did add some vanilla extract because it smells great, and was also far less expensive than essential oils.

We are having a heat wave where I live, so my bath bombs did dry in record time.  I also had to work quickly and add a bit more coconut oil and water to combat the high temperatures.  Still, the results while not as pretty as the glitter ones, worked just as well and smelled heavenly to say nothing of the rich coconut oil helping my dried summer skin.


so NOT candy?

Normal Bath Bomb Recipe

Mix together in large bowl dry ingredients

4 oz.baking soda

2 oz. corn starch

2 oz. citric acid

2 oz. epson salts *

*(use brand with essential oils and scents already in for a short cut)

In small cup mix together wet ingredients

1 tablespoon water

2 tablespoons coconut oil (liquified)

food coloring

add more essential oils if you desire

Use a whisk or your hands to slowly add the liquid to the bowl of dry ingredients.  If you add too quickly it will all start to fizz and blow up early.  A little fizzing is fine.  Also add more water or oil as needed.  You want the stuff to mold together in your hands, but not be dripping.  You want a firm molding clay feel.  This will take less liquids than you imagine.

Press this mess into a mold if you like.  I used a few molds I had in the house. One is for soaps and the other is for candy pops.  The silicone ones were very nice.  Really PRESS and let it sit for a bit and it should pop out.


does a toilet good… and the next batch had no color added

However, you might have a few that don’t look so nice.  That’s not a problem because, YOU CAN USE THEM TO CLEAN YOUR TOILET!

That’s right…. any odd or misshapen ones can be used for  your toilet.  It will fizz it clean and smell great.  However, I do use borax to clean my toilets.  It’s really inexpensive in powder form and works really well. So I thought, why not make toilet bowl bath bombs?


I found I like both bath and toilet bombs, without all the extras.

The recipe for toilet bowl cleaning bombs is the same as above, only you can skip the epson salts and use powdered borax (available in the laundry aisle).  I suggest you use gloves and try not to breath this stuff in.  One thing is that they powders can all get pretty crazy when you are mixing  up a big bowl of this stuff.  So have a window open and wear gloves if you are going to give the borax a try.  Also, no need for food coloring, and especially NO GLITTER.  Plus, I make no guarantee this won’t blow up  you or your toilet.  I know too little chemistry to know if this is potentially dangerous or not.  Also do NOT mix up the bathtub bombs with the toilet bombs please!

Seriously, I have no clue if this can kill you. But it does clean a toilet bowl nicely!

So enjoy your bath bombs.  It’s the citric acid and the baking soda that makes the boom, so be careful out there!

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  1. Good news! Neither one will kill you if used in the wrong place. Just do not drink the water.

    • oh good! I thought “Borax powder will work!” I discovered it when an extra box was left at the art studio after a taxidermy class. It’s used in taxidermy I hear. But it cleans things well also, only it’s usually in with water and fillers and smells.

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