Good (?) Morning Hair!

We do need an AFTER photograph of the TDG writers included in this post…

Yankee Skeptic

The internet and social media allow us to control our image.  While the Kardashians have stylists, plastic surgeons, and trainers, the average person has a phone with an app that can “fix” your image.  We can all choose to look always look fabulous, at least online, if we want to.

I challenged some of my friend to NOT look good on social media.  I asked for their best anti selfie.  I didn’t just want what a person looks like normally. I wanted what my friends look like at their worst.  In other words, I asked for a selfie with “morning hair”.  The results show my very secure and happy friends.  Thank you to all for sharing their “before coffee” photographs.

Morning Hair

13236046_10153993648745751_1147510362_n Cats wake up looking purrfect….

13254614_10206948635696804_3503139165063333656_n You are never fully dressed without a smile

13241368_10208367513959197_3793499004626506831_n this is three levels of morning hair!

13243932_10208381747235020_58907555866531389_o She could be laughing at the man above…

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