Douglas Cuddle Toys Keene

I recently moved to Keene New Hampshire, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about the history of this town that predates the history of the United States.


Keene is a very old town, known for manufacturing everything from hats to glassware.


Vintage toys are also highly sought by collectors.  Kingsbury pressed metal toys were just one of many toys manufactured in this small town.


I recently visited a local charity donation shop and found some more recently made toys in their original boxes.

Douglas Cuddle toys still has it’s headquarters here in Keene NH.  The toys designed here, and for the most part made overseas, are truly of high quality cuddle quality.  However these older toys are of the 1960’s style.

The hippo is in especially nice shape, with the tusks still intact. This indicates to me that these toys were never played with, but the mystery is, who owned them?  Obviously someone that kept the boxes they were shipped to stores in, and that never even displayed them.

Like many stuffed toys of this time they are very stiff, and the fur is very fake feeling and looking.  The nose and other body parts ,such as the hippos tail, are just glued on.  They would easily pull off.


Also, the eyes would be fairly easy to pull off.  The squirrel is very cute but also, able to be washed.  There isn’t much of the “Cuddle” to these vintage animals.  But they do evoke a long gone era.  The quality of the current Douglass Cuddle Toy is far superior to these vintage examples.


I donated two of the toys to the Historical Society of Cheshire County located in Keene NH. I wasn’t sure if these were old enough to add to their collection, but thought perhaps they could use them during their auction fundraiser.


So who would have toys in a box?  I’m hoping it was perhaps the person who designed these toys, or someone that worked at the factory and wanted examples of the animals they helped sew and assemble.  If nothing else, I hope that they are appreciated by someone.  Meanwhile as a new resident of Keene I’ve kept the squirrel as a bit of local history I can share with visitors.




The foam tusks are still here, so this was obviously not played with


Had to keep this one, though I’ll probably donate it later



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