Expensive Hair

black and white teacher oneWhen I was young I couldn’t afford a hair cut.  I has this gorgeous long long hair.  A boyfriend convinced me to cut it as he said it made me look too “Hippy”. Nice guy, but bad at giving hair advice.


I’ve never since been so poor I couldn’t afford a hair cut, and let’s face it, hair cuts became much cheaper with the opening of stores  like Super Cuts.  But I’ve usually kept it somewhat longer because short hair is a lot of work. The old “I cut it short to make it easy to care for” fallacy I tried once.

The life of short hair for most of us goes like this:


Pureology, you make a darn good conditioner!

1.I’m going to cut ALL THIS OFF and just wake up and dry and off I go!

2.I cut it ALL OFF and my head feels so light and wonderful! Why did I ever have longer hair?

3. I just woke up and my short hair is facing every direction like a broken compass.  I need to rewet and blow dry and gel and then JUST WEAR A HAT. (before with long hair it was “pony tail” for bad hair days!)

4.It’s been 2 weeks and already my short hair is growing out, but in an oddly peculiar way.  The back is really long but the front is still short.  I need to admit I now have a mullet.  I must go back and get it cut AGAIN.

5.I’m so sick of all this short hair care, I’m growing it out.

It’s a  little known fact, at any time 30% of the women in this country are “growing out” a too short hair cut.

I exaggerate as many friends have beautiful short spiky fabulous hair, or it could be a wig?  Maybe it’s just they shave their heads and have a wig?  Whatever, it’s a secret and never trust them when they say “oh, you would LOVE short hair, it’s so EASY!”


Before :hat hair (Geek Goddess knit the hat and scarf, I lived in them all winter here in NH)

When I spent nothing on hair cuts , I did pay for Sauve ($1 a bottle). I was not unhappy with my hair.  But as I aged it seemed as if I should do something with it.  An illness brought hair loss for a short bit, and I promised my hair if it grew back I’d treat it like royalty.

Every 5-6 weeks I go in and have the hair “done”. It’s a couple of hours of foils and pampering and I love it.  I discovered that I don’t have gray hair during a short period when my arthritis meant I could not get to the hairdresser.  I developed dark roots but no gray.  I found an old photo of my paternal Grandmother Susanne, and sure enough, even in old age, her locks were dark but not gray.  Thank you Grandmother Sue.

This means a little bit cheaper costs for hair color than the average person my age, as I don’t have to cover the gray and then add in layering colors.

Recently I was looking around the Ulta makeup store clearance section.  I should shop in a big store called “CLEARANCE SECTION”.  It would combine all the clearance sections of every shop in town.  Instead, I have to go shop by shop.  Ulta clearance section has great hair care at a great price.  I get hair spray for around $5, and fancy deep conditioners for about $3.50.


that’s $128.00

The greatest deal ever was the discount on this conditioner.  Now to me, hair is  all about the conditioner.  Shampoo is fine, but I will still use Suave (but the more expensive Suave with moisturizing for “mature hair”).  But conditioner I consider important enough to hunt around for the better brands on clearance.

I recently found this shampoo and thought “Oh someone made a mistake as it says it costs $64.00”  No, that’s the SALE PRICE.  Full price is $128.00.  I was then told by an Ulta employee that it was HALF the $64.00 cost.  I still thought $32 for one bottle was too much, but remembered my other discounts.  So for under $20 I bought this $128.00 shampoo.


Maybe it is made with angel wings and fairy dust?

My husband wondered if it was made of angels wings and fairy dust. He also told me he didn’t care how wonderful my hair looked after using this, we were never purchasing it again.

My friend thought be Frankincense, gold and Myrrh….as this was Jesus level hair care.  (remember Jesus in the old days had Breck Girl hair).


Heavenly hair

I just thought it would be fun to be at perhaps be at Kardashian level care. (sadly someone told me they mostly use clip in hair).  Surely one could not possibly buy a more expensive conditioner.

After a month I want to report that yes the conditioner is fabulous.

Everyone knows how great their hair feels when they come home from getting it “done”.  My hair fells that way after every wash with this conditioner.  It is smooth, shiny, and no frizzes.

The first time I used it, I ran to my husband and said “FEEL IT! FEEL IT!”  He was impressed, but I’m still not spending $128.00 for it.

DSC00471So, yes it really is wonderful conditioner.  Yes I would highly recommend it if you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company.  Or perhaps if you are J.K. Rowling. Did you win the last power ball?  I have a conditioner recommendation for you!

I will enjoy every ounce of this conditioner.  Then it is back to scanning the Ulta clearance shelf.  Even if I find the conditioner, remember the clearance price is usually $64.00.  The odds of the Universe allowing me to get this for around $20 again are nil.

But, for just a short while, I am enjoying being a Breck Girl.


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3 replies

  1. I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner since my hair has gotten rougher mixed with some swimming. It’s new so maybe no discounts on it for a while but I absolutely love it. No idea if it’s good or bad with colour. http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/products/hair-care/products/conditioner/advanced-haircare-total-repair-extreme-conditioner.aspx

    • oh that is in my budget range!!! I don’t shampoo and wash nearly as often as I used to. But, as nice as this conditioner is, it’s NOT THAT MUCH BETTER than a really nice conditioner…..but yeah I need moisturizing repair (EXTREME REPAIR, I LOVE THAT)….

  2. Is that the gallon size bottle for $128.00 marked down to $20 which you purchased? A quick search on Amazon shows the gallon size bottle for $128.00. Smaller bottles are cheaper (but still pricey). If you got the gallon size bottle for $20 that’s a really great deal!

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