Paper Bag Popcorn!

Bern the Bunny enjoys a good snack as much as anyone, and decided to share with our readers how to make popcorn that is not only cheap but also good for you.



While recent studies show breathing in fumes from microwave popcorn packets can be dangerous for your health, we all know the microwave is the quickest and easiest way to make popcorn.

But, how about making your own microwave popcorn bags?

Bern Bunny shows us how easy it is.


What you will need:

Paper lunch bag

Your choice of cooking oil

regular popcorn

small bowl


First put the popcorn in a small bowl and mix in a small amount of the cooking oil of your choice.  Be sure to make a healthful choice!

Stir it around until all the popcorn is coated.  You will be surprised how little cooking oil you will need to use.  Then pour the coated popcorn into the paper bag.


No need to poke a hole in the bag. DO NOT POKE A HOLE IN THE BAG!

Just fold the top of the paper bag down a few times. Then place the bag in the microwave oven.

Set the time for two minutes and then LISTEN.

When the pops begin to slow, stop the microwave and take the popcorn out.  Never wait until the pops stop altogether, that means overcooked popcorn.  The few must sacrifice for the good of the many, so a few unpopped kernels mean better tasting popcorn.


Remember you won’t need much popcorn to fill a paper bag.  It will make about 2 bowls.  If you need more, just make more popcorn and use more bags!  You can then season your popcorn as  you like.

You can microwave some butter, margarine or just lightly salt.  It’s how you like it.  No funny microwave popcorn taste either and easy clean up!


It’s Bunny Nummy good.  Also it’s very inexpensive, just keep a supply of paper bags on hand and you can have perfect popcorn whenever  you like.  Plus no harmful fumes!  Easy enough for children also, though be careful as the bag is hot coming out of the microwave.

So now, buy some school lunch paper bags, some popcorn and you probably already have cooking oil on hand.  It’s truly so much better than microwave popcorn in bags from the store!

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6 replies

  1. I had a huge bowl of popcorn last night thanks to this article. 🙂

    • Mark and I feel ashamed we’d never tried it. I don’t like the taste of microwave popcorn. Mark didn’t like the clean up of our popper. So we googled this as a friend said he makes his popcorn in a paper bag. Sure enough, it works great. No mess, and we make it now whenever we are watching a movie! It’s kind of fun to learn new things in your 50’s.

  2. You don’t need oil. You can just put the plain kernels in the bag and pop, then add butter after.

    • I didn’t know this! Some people wrote that it gets oil all over your microwave! I noticed it only on the plate. But no oil! Heck yes, even more healthful! Thanks!

      • Yep, we do it without oil too….an Alton Brown find.

        Also, this way you can add WHATEVER YOU LIKE to the popcorn! A little melted butter and cinnamon? Savory garlic and onion powder? Parmigiana? Paprika or chili powder? Everything you want and none of what you don’t (salt!) it’s SO MUCH BETTER! (Why am I writing like Kitty?)

        BTW….if it bugs you….put the unpopped kernels back in to see if you can pop them all! (or is that just me?!)

  3. I’m not sure about the leftover popcorn kernels. I just know, if you pop until they are ALL popped you get an overcooked taste. So I always stop when it slows enough…..

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