Why I’m Skeptical about Making Money on Etsy

A blog post about those holiday gifts we’ll all soon be knitting, crocheting and crafting. Wonderful gifts that should be appreciated, but worth selling online? Probably not.

Yankee Skeptic

I’ve always been an artist.  I also enjoy doing crafty stuff.  I’ve done everything from quilting to origami, and had great fun with any hobby I take up.

The problem comes though when someone says to me “You should sell what you make!”

My standard reply is “But if I made my hobby my business, I’d need to find another hobby.”

That brings us to ETSY.  We all know Etsy as the online shop that sells hand made crafts.  Only it isn’t that “online craft market”it claims to be.  Sadly the success of Etsy is dependent on people willing to underpay themselves, those willing to rip off designs of others, and people willing to sell things they have imported from China.

China has brought many cheap goods to the United States.  Sadly, even the Chinese are unhappy that much of their economy is based upon producing cheap goods.  An aging…

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