Happy Birthday Jesus!….oh and mom also

Yankee Skeptic

My mom was born on December 25th.

The only people that have a worse birthday date are those born on December 24th and December 26th.  At least a 25th birthday brings with it some distinction.  My mother might disagree, but being born on Christmas Day is something people will remark upon.


My mother of course, has long suffered from her birthday.  She is old enough to be a depression baby, and there was nothing family and friends during a depression liked more than giving a combination birthday and Christmas gift.  Even today, few of her family and friends remember to do more than say “oh and Happy Birthday!”.

I grew up seeing mom perhaps getting one gift each birthday NOT in holiday paper.  A few times a real birthday card would show up.  Sometimes, stores will sell a card that says “Happy Christmas Birthday”.  Trust me, don’t buy that.  Everyone…

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